Testimonials Testimonials

R. Kennedy MD

"Not only have I sent Susan several patients of mine with significant success but have also sought her expertise in dealing with a recurring injury of my own. Susan's advice and treatments allowed me to continue my physical activities as well as avoid future injuries. Her treatment was exceptional and I have no hesitation recommending Yes Yoga Therapy to persons suffering from mental or physical pain, especially those for which traditional medical therapy has provided limited results. Susan understands that true healing comes from within and uses yoga therapy to focus on her client's natural ability to heal themselves and become free from mental and/or physical pain."

C. Silverman

I went through a very difficult timeand was suffering from stress and anxiety…my doctor recommended Susan...I had never tried yoga before and had never even heard of yoga therapy… within a month I learned how to relax... I got more flexible both mentally and physically.

P. Mitchell

"Susan's expertise as a yoga therapist …allows me to be very mindful of the correct way to go in, out and maintain poses ….this minimizes injury and allows one to go much deeper as one's practice evolves.”

A. Rawlinson

“I have learned much more about yoga and body workings from her than the years of yoga classes I have invested in with others."

I. Lugsdin

“As a yoga therapist, Susan’s extensive training and experience provide a very safe, wise and sequential learning environment. I have really deepened my understanding of ways to achieve the maximum benefit as well as prevent injuries in the short and long term. Susan gives you her best in attention and intention; her warmth, compassion, thoughtfulness and expertise are gifts, which she shares openly."


“I am grateful to have met Susan and blessed to have her as a teacher and yoga therapist. Susan brings to the mat a fire that ignites the spirit and a gentleness that soothes the soul.”

R. Stanton

“…two rotator cuff surgeries later I finally found Susan who not only gave me the means to get close to full range of motion back but more importantly taught me how to avoid future injuries and surgeries! Amazing!”

C. Gray

“Working with Susan is inspiring, creative and informative... a wealth of knowledge...is open and encouraging, I am constantly enhancing my personal practice due to her stimulating and practical approach to yoga.”

M. Martin

“….informative, insightful, compassionate.... oh I could go on for days.”

H. Reid

“I found the space Susan provided to be very relaxing and peaceful and felt I was able to open up and talk about things I seldom talk about. It was a very welcoming, non-threatening environment and I was reluctant to leave.”