About Susan

Susan turned to yoga as an alternative health treatment after being diagnosed with an arthritis in her twenties and told by doctors she would unable to walk by the age of forty. When years of practice not only cured her condition but reversed the effects of it, she began to understand yoga’s enormous impact and potential on one’s physical and mental health.

A former actor and internationally exhibited artist, Susan began focusing on a career in yoga after 15 years of practice.

She is a founding member of the Santa Fe Buddhist Society and her interest in meditation led her to Tibet for two months of intensive exploration.

She holds a BFA from Ryerson University, studied Psychology at York University and has completed two Human Dissection Labs with Gil Hedley.

Her love of travel has taken her to Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Laos, China, England, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Spain, Malaysia, Portugal, and Columbia.

Susan has studied with world-renowned doctors, therapists and teachers; Richard Miller, Joseph lePage, Timothy Mccall, Dean Ornish, Doug Kellar, Leslie Kaminoff, Susi Hately Aldous, Rolf Gates, Dharma Mitra, Amy Weintraub and Sarah Powers - to name a few.

Susan was Vancouver's first certified Yoga Therapist to open a private practice and has been helping people get aligned in their bodies and their lives for over 6 years.

Susan believes that within each of us is the inherent desire and ability to heal; we simply need to acquire the tools.